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Need wasp removal in Brisbane? Magic Pest Control is your best choice! Wasps can be dangerous and cause a lot of problems, so it’s best to have experts handle the infestation.

If there are children in your home, tell them how to stay safe from wasps. If you have wasps in your home or property, call our customer care reps. We will give you instructions and book an appointment with the Wasp Removal Brisbane team.

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    Different Types of Wasp Species in Brisbane

    Australia has the following known species of wasps

    European wasps

    Also known as German yellow jackets, they have bright yellow and black stripes on their abdomen. They have 2 pairs of wings and are originally found in Europe and North Africa.

    The common wasp

    These have yellow and black-banded bodies with a black patches on their faces. They are native to India, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom and many other countries.

    The native paper wasp

    These species have 6 legs and an oval-shaped body. They create nests made out of wood fibres and ones which resemble papers.

    Yellow Jackets (Social Wasps)

    They generally resemble honeybees and have yellow or white faces. They make nests that are similar to paper wasps.

    Sand Wasps

    This species of wasp is only 1 inch long and has yellow, white, or green markings.

    Mud Nesting Wasps

    Also known as mud dauber wasps, they are most commonly spotted in Sydney. They have elongated bodies with yellow patches.

    Why Are Wasp Infestation Dangerous?

    Wasps are territorial pests and will attack humans to protect their nests and their young ones. They can become aggressive and induce painful stingers on their victims. These listed are some reasons that make wasp infestations dangerous:

    • When a wasp colony attacks, they establish nests in places like beams, under decks, window/door frames, ledges, and tree branches. The nests will be protected.
    • Wasps build nests in sheltered areas such as beams, soffits, decks, windows, doors, ledges, and tree branches.
    • Outdoor lunches, get-togethers, compost piles, and rubbish bins can all be invaded by wasps. Yellow jackets even forage in areas that have food sources rich in protein and sugar.
    • Wasps’ problems may sting multiple times if they feel threatened while looking for food. They may also attack in large numbers, which can be very dangerous. If someone in your home is allergic to wasp stings, they may need emergency medical help.
    Wasp Removal Brisbane

    What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest In Brisbane?

    Pour Water On Them

    This technique is effective against only a few wasps. Hose or sprinkle them with water – it will kill them and stop others from entering. However, for safety purposes, it is better to opt for professional assistance from Magic Pest Control.

    Sticky traps

    You can place sticky traps in all areas infested by the wasps on your property. They will eventually die of starvation after landing on it and then their carcasses can be disposed of.

    Removing wasps from any property is dangerous for untrained persons. This is why it is important that one opts for professional Wasp Nest Removal in Brisbane whenever faced with a wasp infestation.

    Magic’s Pest Control’s Wasp Treatment Work Strategy

    Continue reading to learn more about the Wasp Removal Brisbane process used by Magic Pest Control professionals:



    Our team inspects the whole property to find pests and signs of infestation as part of pest control.


    Treatment Plan

    Our teams create a detailed pest management plan based on the inspection, outlining the removal methods and results.


    Extermination Procedure

    The pest control team implements the treatment plan for the removal of wasps from the premises. They may also use a mix of pest control techniques and extermination methods. The area is then thoroughly sanitised.



    The clients are provided with detailed guidelines in order to prevent any repeat wasp infestation again in the future.

    Wasp Removal Services

    Why Choose Magic’s Pest Control Experts for Wasp Extermination Service?

    Wasps are territorial pests and will attack humans to protect their nests and their young ones. They can become aggressive and induce painful stingers on their victims. These listed are some reasons that make wasp infestations dangerous:

    • Reliable, effective and affordable Wasp removal services Brisbane.
    • We deliver efficient same-day as well as emergency wasp removal and control services.
    • All our wasp control and removal services are available in commercial and residential zones.
    • Our services for the removal of wasps are available at economical prices.
    • We remove wasps from properties in a responsible and gentle manner.
    • We understand that the safety of your family is your primary concern, so we make it ours as well.
    • Our trained and specialized team guarantees complete client satisfaction.

    Same Day Wasp Control Brisbane

    Magic Pest Control offers same-day wasp control to residents and businesses in Brisbane. Our fast & same-day pest control team can be at your location within hours of confirming an appointment. To arrange an appointment, call our customer care team at 0489908469

    We are equipped with the appropriate equipment for the removal and control of wasps from different properties.

    Wasp Control Treatments for Businesses

    Have you found wasp nests on your commercial property? Consult Magic Pest Control. Our team would reach your place and use different tactics to catch the possums.

    We are a licensed company with licensed individuals on how to carry out wasp pest control Brisbane. We have experience and knowledge in removing wasps from commercial buildings in Brisbane.

    How to Control Wasp Around Residential Places

    • You need to maintain cleanliness and carry out debris removal you’re your yard and Landscaping Maintenance
    • Consulting and getting a pest control service provider like Magic Pest Control to spray and dispose of new nests.
    • Clean your outdoor trash cans often and make sure the lid is closed securely. This will stop wasps from getting in and looking for food.
    • Trimming thickets, overgrown trees and bushes regularly.
    • Getting rid of stagnant water in bird baths, drainage pipes, and other collecting areas.
    • Avoid leaving any pet food outside which can feed pests such as wasps.

    Frequently Asked Questions at Magic Pest Control Brisbane

    Q. Which time of year is the most problematic for wasps?
    You can do so by getting rid of all food sources like farm produce, pet food, and any garbage that can be easily accessible to these pests. You can also apply repellents and chemicals that would keep them off your property.

    Q. What is the fastest way to get rid of a possum?
    They are a problem, especially during the warmer months of the year. These are the months when they start building their nests and breeding. The more time the nest remains around, the more they increase in size thus also compounding the problem the following summer.

    Q. Is it possible to remove wasp nests from unreachable places and tall trees?
    Our Wasp Removal Brisbane experts can come to your place, evaluate the situation, and provide you with a quote. They have experience in removing wasps and nests from any location.

    Q. Can I get rid of the wasps without having any prior training or experience with the same?
    Wasp control should not be attempted by DIY methods as they can be dangerous and painful.

    Q. How Much Does It Cost To Have Wasps Removed
    You must converse with our customer care representative to obtain the price. A quotation will be made on the basis of your specifications.