How to Get Rid of Possums and Scare Them Away From Your House?

Do you live in Australia and have found an unusual-sized, cute-looking rat in your house and are thinking of keeping them as a pet? Then beware; it is a possum. Possums can be cute-looking with their beady eyes and peppy tail, but they can be a disaster if they get inside your house. They don’t mean any harm to us but can cause damage to our properties and spread diseases, and in Australia, you don’t want to share a house with one. But worry not, because today in this blog we are going to look for a few ways on how you can get rid of possums and what you can do to scare them away from your house in the most natural ways.

Get Rid of Possums

Proper Understanding Of What Possums Are?

Before we understand the solutions and the ways to get rid of them, let us understand what possums are. Possums are marsupials with long tails that are found in Australia. They are usually found lurking on your lawns and houses, where they can find food and shelter. They look for empty and hollow places like attics, walls, or sheds.

Possums are called nocturnal creatures because they come out at night in search of food. They don’t mean any harm to humans but can end up destroying your furniture, your carpets, or your precious items at home. Possums come with a risk of spreading disease too. They can also destroy your plants or farms as they feed on plants, insects, and small mammals like rats or mice usually found in fields. They are also known for their cute eyes and sharp claws that they use to climb trees.

What Are The Techniques One Can Use For Possum Control?

Possums are good at playing hide and seek. You might not even know that there was a possum living in your house for years and destroying your precious home. Let us look at a few techniques that are known for possum control.

1. Access to food:

Food attracts possums into your house. Open food or fallen crumbs will give possums easy access to your house. If you don’t want possums in your house, make sure the food is covered and crumbs are picked up. Keep food in airtight containers to avoid them leading into your house.

2. Large Pets:

Bigger-looking pets like dogs and cats can scare possums away. Possums are smart creatures that try to avoid predators from catching them. Scents coming from such pets have always worked for getting them into your house.

3. Moth balls:

The use of mothballs can help with possum control. Smells from mothballs have always seemed to irritate and have been proven toxic for possums. Keeping them in the corners of your home can work as a possum repellent.

4. Fences:

Building fences around your garden will keep your plants safe from possums. Try to install fences underground that would keep possums from digging.

5. Traps:

Build proper traps for catching possums. If you are aware of a possum living in your house and want to get rid of it, use a trap box, leaving a piece of food inside it. Make sure it’s made of strong wire mesh that can’t be broken by a possum.

6. Sprinklers:

Using sprinklers on your lawn can also be useful. When the water sprinklers are turned on in your lawn, it can act as a surprise attack for possums and scare them away, making them not return again. Plus, it will also keep your lawn fresh.

7. Radioactive sounds:

Radioactive sounds are inaudible to human ears but can be unpleasant to possums and other pests. Such sounds make them uncomfortable and scare them away.

Note: Sounds like this can also be problematic for your pets. So if you have a pet in the house, try to avoid it.

Advantages Of Seeking Help From Professional Possum Removal Services

When every other method fails, one can also seek professional help to get rid of possums using possum removal services. Here are some of the advantages of making a wise decision.

1. Well Trained:

Experts from such services are well trained and take proper measures for possum removal. They can also provide you with certain possum control measures for the future.

2. Customised Solutions:

Services like these can provide custom solutions for possum removal and can also tailor them according to your convenience.

3. Peace of Mind:

Hiring professionals can put your mind at ease, as you don’t need to worry anymore about possum control in your house. Professionals can set traps for you and take care of everything that you might not know.

4. Relocating:

Even though you catch a possum, you can’t just set them free anywhere as they have a risk of returning, but with the help of professionals, you don’t need to worry about anything. They take adequate measures, from catching them to making them reach a safe place without causing any harm.

In conclusion, catching a possum by yourself can be extremely difficult without causing them any harm. While you are trying to get rid of them, you just forget that they are in your vicinity just for shelter and lurking out to find food. But by using the above preventive measures for possum control and possum removal, one can be safe and maintain the ecosystem without causing any imbalance in nature.

Furthermore, it is advised to use possum removal services, as possums can bite or scratch for their own defence, and if you are looking for such services, we have a great option for you. Magic Pest Control can be the right choice for your problems. With great expertise and properly trained staff, you can have peace of mind and a healthy environment for yourself.

So don’t let possums cause harm to your homes. Call us today and book your appointments!