How Do You Neutralise The Smell Of A Dead Animal?

Animals are adept at identifying entry points into warm buildings, attics, basements, and even cars, which can be problematic if the animal has a disease, is ill, or cannot flee. Suppose an animal gets into your home, car, or building without knowledge and dies. In that case, it will leave an awful and appalling odour, significantly more if you don’t find and treat it immediately. There are several methods for removing the odour of a dead animal. Some people employ DIY techniques, while some hire dead animal removal Brisbane services for professional assistance.

Still, the most critical thing is to remove the source of the smell and decontaminate the area because no one would want to expose themselves or their loved ones to parasites or diseases. But can you handle the entire process of identifying the smell, removing the smell and carcass together, and making the house smell nice again all by yourself? If you are not afraid of the thought of doing this, then you can use our tips to accomplish this. But if you can’t do this on your own, you can hire dead animal removal in Brisbane services.

Dead Animal Removal Brisbane

What Does The Smell of Dead Animals Feel Like?

You cannot easily describe the odour that a dead animal emits. However, most people realise something is wrong when they smell an animal carcass’s horrible, disgusting odour. Unfortunately, you may not even know a dead animal is in your house until its body decays.  You don’t have a dead animal problem if you suddenly notice a musty smell. The most likely suspects are mould and moisture.

Depending on factors such as the animal’s size and the ecosystem where it died, it can leave a smell to linger for several days, weeks, or maybe even months. The disgusting smell will remain until the carcass dries out. Professionals at Magic Pest Control are experts at providing dead animal removal services in Brisbane, including inspection, body removal, and odour neutralisation.

The first thing to do if you want fresh, odour-free air is to locate and remove the dead carcass. Once the animal carcass has been removed and disposed of, you must eliminate the dead animal odour. You must reintroduce fresh air into the affected area.

Pro Tip: Unless the source of the problem is removed – the dead animal and any bodily fluids – the bad odour can linger for weeks or months.

The dead animal odour persists regardless of how much air freshener or neutralising spray you use until the critter’s body completely decomposes and dries. You’ll need to clean up after you’ve removed the dead animal carcass. This is especially true if bodily fluids have gotten onto the surface.

How to Remove Dead Animal Smells Easily?

Step 1: Prepare the Area

Be ready with the following things:

  • Disposable gloves
  • A disinfectant or bleach
  • Respirator or mask
  • Protective clothing and footwear

Indoors: You can apply disinfectant or bleach while wearing gloves. You’ll have an extra task if the animal dies in your insulation and leaves a mess. The impacted insulation must be removed and replaced.

Outdoors: If the animal dies outside, thoroughly clean that region with clean water. Also, flush away with water any remains of the dead animal’s fluids that may have entered the grass and soil. The foul odour should start to fade soon. If the problem persists, clean the area with water once more.

Increase the ventilation inside your house to eliminate the dead animal odour. You can open windows, use fans, or turn down the air conditioner for better results. This technique is even used by dead animal removal Brisbane services.

Step 2: Remove the Smell with Odour-Removing Products

Odour-removing and neutralising products can be purchased online or at your local store. These cleaners work by encasing odour particles in granules. They don’t cover up the smell of a dead animal; they trap and eliminate it. Products on the market claim to trap the odour of a dead animal, thereby removing and neutralising it.

Follow any precautions listed on the product label and the mixing instructions.

Homemade Odour Elimination Solutions: Create DIY solutions to remove dead animal odours from your home by combining natural ingredients.

  • Vinegar: Fill several cups with vinegar and put them near the source of the smell.
  • Ground coffee: Apply ground coffee to the source of the odour.
  • Baking soda: Combine baking soda and water in a spray bottle. Use the bottle to spray at the odour source repeatedly every day until it goes away.
  • Briquettes of charcoal: Arrange the briquettes around the source of the odour.

Gel air purifiers absorb unpleasant odours in the air. After removing the carcass, leave one in the area. All the professional dead animal removal services in Brisbane have the right products to neutralise the dead animal odour so you don’t have to worry about looking for it.

Step 3: If Necessary, Contact a Professional

Sometimes, hiring a professional for dead animal removal Brisbane services and cleanup is preferable to doing it yourself. This makes even more sense if the mere thought of cleaning up the carcass causes you to vomit. A professional such as that at Magic Pest Control may be your best option if you have a large carcass in a difficult-to-reach location.

Dead Animal Removal Brisbane experts will locate the source of the odour, remove the dead remains, clean up body fluids, and use an odour remover and neutralizer. Furthermore, their team will identify the entry and exit points of animals, repair the area and seal the entry point. They will handle the entire process on their own. However, you need to contact them to get your estimated quotes.

Certain variables affect the cost of this service. They include:

  • Dimensions of the roof
  • How difficult is it to get into the area
  • How many regions need repair
  • The severity of the problem
  • How much cleaning will be required

You must also expect to pay more if you want more than one dead carcass or if you want to trap more live animals.


Most people are disturbed by the thought of a dead animal in their home. Unfortunately, it occurs far more frequently than most homeowners realise. Act immediately if you think a dead animal, such as a dead rat or mouse, is somewhere in your home. The longer the carcass is left, the greater the risk of disease and the stronger the foul odour. So, use the tips mentioned above to make your house free from dead animal carcass odour. Or, you can hire professionals for dead animal removal Brisbane services and sit back and relax!

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