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Possums are pests that cause a lot of disturbance and disorder in any property they enter. Hence, having them removed from the experts is the proper and effective solution for the same. Their activities can keep you and your pets up at night. They can interrupt the ceiling insulation leading to fire hazards. Hence it becomes critical and crucial to have them removed. With Magic’ possum removal Brisbane, you will assuredly get efficient and effective possum removal and control solutions for any property infested with possums. You just need to reach out to us via phone. Alternatively, you can also schedule an appointment according to your availability by putting in all your details on the appointment form on our website.

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    Are You In Need Of A Professional Possum Catcher In Brisbane?

    Your search for the best Possum Removal Services in Brisbane ends with us! Do not worry about the possums lurking in your property or in any inaccessible place on the property at ungodly hours. We have trained and expert possum catchers that assist you and provide you respite from these pests who can wreak total havoc in any place that they choose to infest. Speak to our customer care team today for more details.

    Reasons Why You Should Hire Experts To Remove Possums

    Here are a few reasons why you should contact professionals to remove possums:

    Possum removal experts have greater technological support and experience that helps them identify common hideouts of possums in residential and commercial spaces.

    Possum removal professionals also have the necessary certification and authorization to deliver this service. Hence, it is a better idea to hire professionals for having pesky possums removed from your property.

    There is a lesser chance of any harm being inflicted on the possums when the removal is carried out by experts.

    Professionals specializing as possum removal experts are also aware of the correct techniques for removing possums from the narrowest of spaces.

    Reliable Possum Removal Service for Residential Premises

    We are a local company that specializes in possum removal and Possum Control Brisbane. We have been in this business for years which has helped us gain the necessary expertise for delivering these services to various clients. All our possum removal services are carried out in a systematic and structured manner. We make sure not to hurt the animal or cause any more disorder on your property. Contact Magic Pest Control today for your appointment. You are assured to get the required services for the removal of possums from your premises without any delay.

    Emergency Possum Removal Service Brisbane

    Have you found possums roaming about on your property? Have them removed safely by hiring Possum Catcher Brisbane working for Magic Pest Control today. We have experienced possum catchers who have the expertise and the necessary training for identifying their hideouts and extracting them in a friendly and non-hazardous manner. Speak to our team today by simply picking up the phone and dialling 0489908469. We deliver efficient emergency Possum Removal Brisbane services to clients in various locations in Brisbane.

    Emergency Possum Removal
    Same Day Removal of Possums

    Same-Day Removal of Possums from a Property

    Having the possums in your property extracted on the same day of booking an appointment sounds so convenient right? It indeed is when you consult Magic Pest Control for the job. We also deliver excellent same-day possum control services for residents of Brisbane and its suburbs. Reach out to us for reliable, and legal solutions for your possum issue instead of wasting time trying out DIY remedies in an attempt to have the possums vacate your property.

    Commercial Possum Control Service in Brisbane

    Maintaining a workspace that is free of pests and possums is paramount to the safety and productivity of your employees. Similarly, if there are dead possums on the commercial property, that may create a negative impression among the other stakeholders, visitors and parties significant to the business. Not to mention, the health threats people are likely to suffer on account of getting exposed to the excreta of possums. Consult Magic Pest Control for reliable solutions to pest issues in your commercial spaces. Our certified possum removal professionals can provide this service at a reasonable cost and in a timely way. Possums will be controlled using sophisticated technology and environmentally friendly methods. Upon booking an appointment, our office will ensure that you get prompt assistance and response.

    Commercial Possum Control
    Expert Brisbane Possum Removal

    Expert Brisbane Possum Removal For Homes And Businesses

    Possums are small creatures and can sneak into the smallest gap. They can also make use of tall trees leaning into the property to gain access to the home. So, if you have seen active possums or weird noises from the chimneys and ceilings, you are likely experiencing a possum infestation. Consult Magic Pest Control for better guidance on the situation and the removal of the possum in a humane way. We release the possum adhering to the norms laid down by the Australian authorities. It is essential that you be informed that if you notice the presence of possums or rodents in your home, you should contact us rather than attempting a DIY approach with store-bought baits. It is important to remember that injuring possums in a whatsoever way is a violation of our state and federal laws, and possum control ought to only be performed by accredited and authorized personnel.

    Our Possum Removal Services in Brisbane

    Possum Removal

    Possum Removal

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    Bed bugs control

    Wasp Control

    Wasp Control

    Dead Animal Removal

    Dead Animal Removal

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    Bee Removal

    Rodents treatment

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    How Much Does Possum Removal Cost?

    Possum Removal Cost Brisbane differs according to different factors. Likewise, the condition and state of the property also are taken into consideration while computing the costs for Possum Removal Services Brisbane. The quantity of labour, the intensity and scale of damage, size and areas infested by possums are also important for estimating possum removal charges by companies.

    If you come across any signs of possums on your property, get in touch with Magic Pest Control immediately, to have our professional possum catchers come over and inspect your property.

    We Catch and Remove All Kinds Of Possums In Brisbane

    • Ringtail Possums: They have a dark brown body with a grey bottom weighing around 1 kg.
    • Stripped Possums: It has a black body with white stripes across head to tail. White stripes create a ‘Y’ shape on the head.
    • Pygmy Possums: They have a small body with the brown-grey tinge.
    • Brushtail Possums : They weigh upto 5 kgs and have large pointy ears & white tails.
    • Feather tail Possums : They have a grey and brown body with a white underside. They have big eyes and a pointy nose.
    • Green Tail Possums: They have a white underside and a green back. Their ears are small.

    What is the difference between a Rat and a Possum?

    • Possums are marsupials while rats are rodents
    • Possums have a long hairy and bushy tail, whereas rats have long tail that is typically hairless. Possums are characteristically active at night, but rats are both nocturnal and diurnal.
    • Rats have willowy faces and small eyes. While possums have bigger eyes and round and flat faces.
    • Possums are a protected species by the Australian government; whereas, rats are not!
    • Rats survive on plant and animal food. Possums are generally herbivores.

    Why Choose Magic Pest Control?

    • Rapid& effective, possum removal done with humane techniques
    • Complete repairs to prevent possums from returning
    • Possum relocation is done in a lawful and humane way
    • Possum removal experience for commercial, industrial and residential locations.
    • Certified and licensed possum removal technicians and professionals.
    • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
    • Availability of Same day and emergency possum removal services

    Frequently Asked Questions at Magic Pest Control Brisbane

    Q. How do I get rid of possums in Brisbane?
    You can do so by getting rid of all food sources like farm produce, pet food, and any garbage that can be easily accessible to these pests. You can also apply repellents and chemicals that would keep them off your property.

    Q. What is the fastest way to get rid of a possum?
    The fastest way to get rid of possums is by taking away any possible food supply that may have attracted them to your property. Secondly, you can also opt for professional assistance which can also be helpful in getting rid of possums.

    Q. Is it illegal to relocate possums Brisbane?
    Yes, it is. Hence, it is wiser to contact a certified possum removal service provider like Magic Pest Control for the job.

    Q. How do you get rid of possums permanently?
    Hiring Possum Removal Services Brisbane professionals to inspect your property and remove any families of possums camping on your property is helpful in getting rid of possums permanently.

    Q. How long will it take to control possums?
    It will take 2-3 days minimum for the possum to leave your property.