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Have you come across rodents running in your home or commercial property? Magic Pest Control offers professional solutions to homeowners and commercial property owners at affordable rates. We have an effective range of rodent control Brisbane services that can be availed by all our clients at economical prices.

Our pest inspection teams are sent to your property immediately after the appointment is confirmed. They look over the entire property to find out all the hideouts of rodents so that a strong extermination plan can be created. Get in touch with us today to get permanent solutions to rodent issues on your property. You are guaranteed 100% relief from these pests.

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    These are Some Risks Faced by Home and Families with Rodents?

    • Rodents are carriers of serious diseases like Salmonellosis, Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, pulmonary fever and more. There are thousands of tiny parasites and germs attached to the bodies of rodents that are responsible for the spread of such diseases.
    • Rodents damage clothing, food, newspapers, important documents and belongings due to their constant need for gnawing and chewing surfaces.
    • Rodents also chew electrical wiring, cables of appliances and equipment. This is a huge risk as that could trigger fire hazards and short-circuit incidents.
    • The feces and saliva of these pests have germs that can contaminate your food in the pantry, kitchen counters and cabinets. Further, their hair, fur and dander coming into contact with the food can also pollute the contents badly. Eating food contaminated with rodent excreta or fur can make one fall ill.
    • Rodents also carry lice, ticks and fleas on themselves which then get transported to your home. This also means, there are chances of the outbreak of even more diseases due to insects.
    • Rodents have the ability to smell food from a distance thus entering any property easily. As a result, if their infestation is ignored, they can multiply rapidly in no time.
    • These pests make use of plastic, boxes, packaging materials, papers, and different types of garbage for making their nests. They cause large-scale damage while also eating the insulation and weather-proofing.
    • With their droppings and urine, rodents can also degrade the atmosphere and the air quality of any place they live in.

    Types of Rodents

    House Mouse

    They are about 2-4 inches in length and have pointed noses and large ears. House mice are ash-grey coloured and can eat anything from cereals to insects to fruits.

    Wood Mouse

    These species are similar to the house mouse but have bigger eyes and ears. They weigh up to 25 grams. They have a long tail and a golden-brown bottom.

    Brown Rats

    Brown rats are about 15-27 cm long. They have pointed noses and grey-brown bodies with long tails. They live mainly in towns, human habitats, grasslands, and coastal and wetland areas.

    Black-footed Tree Rat

    They are the largest rodents found in Australia with long black tails and big black ears. These species have been declared endangered by the Australian government.

    Black Rat

    These rodent species are grey, black or brown-in color. They can eat fruits, grains, and every other eatable item. They can climb anywhere at a fast speed.

    Pale Field Rat

    These rodent species are about 140 mm and are nightly creatures. They are a vegetarian species that reside mainly in habitats such as grassland sedges across North and East Australia.

    Signs Of Rodent Infestation


    Have you come across dark-slender shaped pellets anywhere in your house or workplace? If yes, these are rodent droppings and important signs of an infestation that should not be ignored

    Rodent tracks

    Rodents, rats and mice have greasy bodies due to all the roaming in drains, sewers, chimneys and other dirty areas.

    Noise at night

    Coming across squeaking sounds in the middle of the night? There are chances that these are a result of a rodent infestation in your home.

    Bite marks

    Finding bite marks on everyday objects such as newspapers, files, plastic items, wiring and more are signs of a rodent infestation and you need to opt for professional assistance from Magic Pest Control.

    Foul odour

    Experiencing unpleasant smells in your house also suggests the presence of rodents and their population on your premises.

    Spotted these signs on your property? Contact us anytime for efficient Rodent Pest Control Brisbane services that eliminate these pests accurately.

    How Do I Get Rid Of Rats In Brisbane?


    Placing traps in locations frequented by rodents is an effective way to get rid of these pests. You can source these traps from a local hardware store and lace them with bait for attracting the rodents and their colonies. It is necessary to dispose of the contents of the traps after rodents are caught.


    Spraying rodenticides in various locations on the property can also be useful in eliminating rodents and their populations from your premises.

    Essential oils

    Essential oils in your bathroom cabinet also can be put to use for the elimination of these pesky pests from your premises. You just need to place cotton balls dipped in any essential oil in the parts that have rodent movement.

    The best way to prevent the damages previously mentioned in this content is by opting for Rodent Control Services Brisbane. We, at Magic Pest Control, have all the necessary expertise to keep these pests from any property.

    Magic Pest Control Australia’s Exclusive Rodent Removal and Rodent Prevention Tips

    Rodent control

    Seal openings and gaps in walls, doors, windows and plumbing are essential to keep out the rodents from your property.

    Bee Removal

    Keep the vegetation and shrubbery to a minimum in your property as that can become potential entry-points for these pests.

    Kitchen Counter

    Avoid leaving food items, leftovers, and crumbs on kitchen counters as these can attract pests like rodents and cockroaches.

    Cooking Appliances

    Thoroughly clean out the cooking top, stove, counter and any cooking appliances used during cooking.


    If you have fruits and vegetables planted in the garden, you need to install proper barriers to prevent the produce from getting feasted on by rodents.


    At the end of the day, do not forget to clean up all the eating and cooking surfaces. Vacuum up any food scraps that end up on the floor, under furniture, or around appliances.

    Pets food bowl

    After meals, empty your pet’s food bowl and lock pet food bags. Do not leave any food or water in the pet bowl as that can be consumed by rodents.


    Wire sponges should be placed in the small spaces where mice like to hide as this material is both difficult and unpleasant to chew, and will act as a natural deterrent for these pests.

    Finally, if neither of these methods helps with rodent treatment, it is preferable to seek the assistance of an experienced rodent removal Brisbane team. Magic Pest Control provides one of the best rodent pest control alternatives through their qualified and licensed pest control team.

    Leave the hassle of dedicating your useful time and energy to pest control rodent treatment to the professionals! Call us today to schedule an appointment and get a free quote for Rodent Removal Brisbane.

    Same-Day Rodent Control Brisbane

    Coming across signs of rodents and rats on your property is a scary experience. However, opting for same-day Rodent Pest Control in Brisbane can be helpful in getting rid of rodent infestation of any scale from your property. Get in touch with us as soon as you spot the first sign of an infestation of these pests on your property. Our teams are available on a 24*7 basis for servicing any property in the best possible manner. We do not charge any more money for providing these services, unlike our competition. Contact us at any time for more details on our same-day rodent removal services and get the correct guidance from our experts.

    Residential Rodent Removal Services in Brisbane

    Is your house filled with rodents and their colonies? Do not worry, as Magic Pest Control is here to extract all rodent colonies from your property in a matter of time. Our professionals are always present and on-duty for delivering residential rodent removal and handling services for Brisbane residents. All charges applicable are competitive and affordable.

    The teams are equipped with a set of advanced rodent detection tools and equipment necessary for rodent elimination. We have been offering the best and top-notch services for more than 20 years to Brisbane and surrounding regions. We are proud to have serviced numerous satisfied and contented clients who have been using our reliable Rodent Removal Brisbane services. Our teams use only biodegradable and green pesticides for all our assignments. Do not hesitate to give us a call if your property also has been experiencing a rodent infestation. Our experts would be more than happy to guide you.

    Why Choose Magic’s Pest Control Experts for Rodent Removal Services?


    Excellent Rodent Control Brisbane services at any time of the week or month.


    24*7 availability of efficient same-day and emergency pest control services for residences and commercial property owners.


    20+ years of experience in delivering efficient and effective Rodent Control Services in Brisbane

    safety standards

    All our Rodent Control Services Brisbane teams are trained to carry out the latest and most effective rodent control techniques.


    Our rodent control experts are available to work throughout the week and month.

    Brisbane Pest Control Services

    We also deliver efficient same-day and emergency rodent removal services too.


    All rodent removal techniques are humane and gentle. The products used for the same are also environment-friendly and okay to be used around allergic individuals and infants.

    Our Rodent Control Procedure


    Rodent Inspection

    First and foremost, the property is inspected completely by the rodent removal Brisbane team sent to your property. That helps them find the probable access points used by rodents to enter your property. The thorough inspection also helps our team to better understand the scope of infestation and the pest control methods necessary for the extermination


    Extermination and treatment method

    The team will place traps, bait stations or spray chemicals depending on the scope of the infestation. All identified holes and access points are sealed or caulked.


    Final property inspection

    The final inspection is carried out for finding out whether the rodent control has been done properly or not.

    Emergency Rodent Control

    Emergency Rodent Control In Brisbane

    Magic Pest Control has options for emergency rodent control services in Brisbane. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for an appointment when your property has rodent issues. We deliver 100% effective and affordable services to residences and commercial properties on an emergency basis. Contact us when you begin noticing signs of rodent infestation in your premises to get faster relief from the rodent outbreak.

    Commercial Rodent Control And Solutions In Brisbane

    Commercial properties with rodents earn a very poor reputation not just among customers but also among competitors. Hence, it is important to guard your property against rodent outbreaks for the larger benefit of your business. Rodent control and removal services from Magic Pest Control can help you with regard to prevention and protection from rodent infestations. Save your business from major losses coming about due to rodents and the destruction they cause.

    Commercial Rodent Control

    How much does it cost to clean rodent feces?

    A clean-up of rodent droppings depends on the size of the property and the extent of the damage. Rodents carry a lot of germs and bacteria which necessitates the sanitization of the property with appropriate products to prevent disease outbreaks. This increases the costs. Likewise, if the droppings have been present in narrow and difficult-spaces, they are even more difficult to remove which adds to the costs.

    Trusted Experts For Rodent Control Service In Brisbane

    We are the trusted pest control experts that provide affordable and effective rodent control services for businesses, industries and homes. Magic Pest Control is the right solution for rodent troubles on your property. Our pest control methods, enable us to provide 100% cost-effective and accurate results. Contact us at any time for hiring our services.