How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Getting On Your Clothes

If you have a bedbug infestation, you don’t have to throw out your clothes and linen, while it may be the first thought in your mind. It is possible to clean bedbug-infested laundry in a way that eliminates these pesky insects. The secret to properly removing bed bugs from your bedding and clothing is to wash and dry them at the highest heat your clothes can tolerate.

If you cannot wash it right away, you must separate your clothes in sealed plastic bags or containers to keep bedbugs out of your furniture, carpets, and carpeting.

Bed Bug Control Brisbane

Bed Bugs can survive for months without having anything to feed on, so the infestation will likely reappear unless you do this. But if you only treat your clothes and do not consider removing the entire bed bug population from your home, you will have to deal with another infestation in the near future. Hence to prevent future infestation, we recommend hiring bed bug control Brisbane services.

If you want to know how to eliminate the bed bugs problem that has made it home in your clothing and linen, then keep reading.

Equipment You Will Need

  •       Washing machine
  •       Dryer
  •       Rubbing alcohol
  •       Laundry detergent
  •       Trash bags

Removing Bed Bugs from Infested Clothes: Step by Step

Use Rubbing Alcohol On Your Clothing

Immediately after finding a bedbug infestation, you must spray the infected clothing with rubbing alcohol. It will destroy live bedbugs but will not destroy eggs or eliminate the infestation. Place non-colourfast clothing and items you need to dry-clean in a sealable plastic bag immediately.

Separate the clothing that you need to dry-clean. You should place items with “dry clean only” care labels in a separate pile. Though you cannot clean these things, they can typically be dried on high heat to eliminate the bed bugs.

Place Clothing In Trash Bags

Separate your clothes as usual before starting a batch of laundry. You must do this step near the infested region to prevent bedbugs from spreading to other areas of your home. Fill a large garbage bag with each sorted pile of clothes and seal it.

Set The Washing Machine

In case your washing machine does not have an automatic dispenser, pour standard soap (it is not mandatory to use special detergent) into the drum. Choose the recommended hot water temperature for the clothes and the appropriate cycle for the type of fabric.

Place Clothes In The Washer

Bring your bags close to the washing machine and, with caution, empty them, so the clothes fall into the machine. The bed bugs may become airborne if the clothing is thrown out haphazardly. This is essential in your house and a shared washing room or laundromat. Place the garbage bag in an exterior bin.

Choose The Right Dryer Cycle

After you have washed the clothes, transfer the garments from the washer into the dryer. Then, set the dryer to the maximum heat cycle that will not damage the cloth for at least half an hour. The temperature should be above 120 degrees Fahrenheit to destroy the bugs and the eggs.

Fold The Laundry

Fold the clean, dry garments on a table that has been thoroughly inspected for bed bugs. You should store the laundry properly.

Getting Rid of Bed Bug Stains on Clothing

Bed Bugs can leave your mattress and clothing dirty and full of stains. The bedbug excrement will appear as little, dark rusty specks and most likely be eliminated by washing.

If you notice stains, try various methods to remove them. Stains can be removed by blotting and then rinsing with cold water. (Hot water will cause the stains to set.) Blot the damp areas with 3 % hydrogen peroxide to help lift the stains even further. Before you wash the laundry, pretreat and break down the stains with an enzyme-based fabric stain remover.

It is essential that you keep bed bugs away from your property. If you notice any signs of infestation, hire bed bug removal Brisbane services.

Storing Bedbug-Infested Laundry

Store bedbug-infested laundry once it has been washed. Because bedbugs can dwell inside cardboard boxes and store items in plastic containers or bags, store the garments until you are certain the infestation has been eradicated.

Store delicate textiles and dry-clean-only garments in the freezer if you can’t wash or dry clean them since they can’t resist the intense heat required in the dryer to kill bedbugs. Bedbugs cannot thrive in subzero temperatures. However, the freezer must be set at an extremely low temperature—ideally, 0 degrees or lower.

Silk clothing, suede boots or shoes, lingerie, and favourite stuffed animals can all benefit from the same cold treatment. You must store most products in the freezer for at least four days. This ensures that the item’s centre has achieved zero degrees. Bulky objects may take longer to transport.

When hiring professionals to get rid of bed bugs in Brisbane, not only will they be able to rid your property of the pests, but they can also offer advice on how to prevent another infestation from occurring.

How Often Should You Clean Bedbug-Infested Laundry?

Because heat kills bedbugs, washing clothing and other laundry items at high temperatures and drying them in heat should do the job. However, it would be best to keep an eye out for new bedbug infestations since bed bugs hiding in mattress creases and cracks in walls can readily develop a new problem.

You should also hire a bed bug control Brisbane service provider for pest infestation and removal on a regular basis.


Washing clothes and bedding is an easy and inexpensive way to get rid of all bed bugs. Bed bug treatment and management need to be done yourself and a professional pest control Brisbane firm manages the insecticides.

While washing will help remove some bed bugs, the heat generated during drying will kill remnant bed bugs. You can quickly disinfect clothing and prevent it from becoming a hiding place for bed bugs as you eliminate them from the rest of your home with a few common practices. You should not let a single pest survive in your home.

If allowed, they will multiply in numbers in no time and be present all over your house and belongings. So, hire a bed bug pest control service today!