How To Stop Rodents From Getting Into Compost Bins?

Have you noticed a lot of rodent activity in your compost heap? If yes, we are sure you want to get rid of these rats or mice as soon as possible. Even if you have tried using bait, captured these rodents, and left them far away from your property, there is a high chance that rodents will return to the compost bin. This is because the compost heap has kitchen scraps in large amounts for rats to feed on and also emits warmth due to the decomposing materials. For these reasons, the rodents keep returning to those regions. Hiring rodent control Brisbane is an excellent idea to keep rodents away from the compost since they will not only catch hold of all the rats but also suggest ways to keep these creatures away from the compost bins.

Rodent Control Brisbane

To keep mice and rats away from a compost heap, you need to make the compost wet more regularly, making it difficult for them to enter it. You can also place the compost near a high foot traffic area and hide any other food in the compost. You can even hire rodent treatment Brisbane companies to keep them out of your property.

Why Do Rodents Enter A Compost Bin?

Rats are attracted to compost piles because they provide shelter and food. They are omnivorous scavengers, eating almost any decaying food material, such as animal flesh and bones, rotting fruit, and vegetable and fruit peelings. No compost heap is entirely safe from rats, but compost containing a high percentage of crumbs is much more likely to have a problem. If you add a good ratio of dried materials to this, such as sticks, straws, or dried leaves, the pile will likely have a rat problem if it is not turned regularly. In an undisturbed pile with plenty of nesting materials, rats can quickly hollow out dry nesting sites.

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Easy Tips To Keep Rodents Away From Compost Bins

Rodents are usually looking for two things: nutrition and shelter. A rat problem is inescapable if a compost bin meets both requirements. But do not worry. There are a few easy ways to keep rats out of your compost bin and remove them once they arrive. You can also consider rodent control Brisbane services to remove rats from your property.

Rats are typically attracted to compost bins because they get access to food quickly. Usually, you should not add dairy or meat products to a compost bin because they are a hot spot for rodents. However, if rats are hungry enough, even the potato peels may entice them. When adding food crumbs to the compost heap, either dig a little deeper and add the food waste inside the stack before you cover it up or layer leaves or a few grass cuttings on top of the food crumbs. Rats may avoid your compost pile if it is out of sight (and smells).

1.    Do Not Compost Food Waste

Since rodents may cause different issues, you should avoid adding wasted food to the compost heap. But don’t throw away those useful scraps. You can either bury food waste in compost trenches in the garden or set up a vermicomposting bin inside.

2.    Make Use of Bokashi

If you have ever used Bokashi to manage kitchen waste, you already know the odour that fermented kitchen waste emits. Even the most gluttonous of rats avoid food waste that has been fermented with the help of Bokashi. Place your food crumbs in the Bokashi bucket, cover it with a layer of Bokashi bran, and allow it to stay there for around two weeks before adding it to the compost bin. It degrades rapidly, and rats will not even touch it.

3.    Make The Compost Bin Moist

When rats enter your compost, they need a place to live. Dried-out waste is ineffective at converting organic material into compost. It serves as a breeding ground for rats. 2 A dry waste bin makes an ideal insulated and warm place to rest, with food crumbs available nearby. If you keep the compost heap moist but not wet, rats will not want to enter the moist compost. You can make the pile less appealing to rodents by turning it on a regular basis and providing it with some water during dry spells.

4.    Plant Some Mint

This suggestion may work for some people but not everyone, though it’s worth a shot. Rats and mice dislike the mint scent, so a few mint plants near your compost bin may deter them. Though, if the rodents in your neighbourhood are too hungry, those mint plants may not be able to keep the rodents away entirely.

5.    How to Keep Rats Away

Besides the tips above, regularly turning and checking the compost bin will probably keep rats from nesting inside the pile. Rotating the stack regularly destroys any nests that form and helps the contents mix well so the food scraps are not conveniently accessible to rodents.

Another excellent way to deter rats is to place the compost bin in the backyard, away from the residence or garage. This will keep mice and other rodents from finding quick entry into your home if they try to infest the compost. As the weather turns colder, various rodents and other pests look for a way to enter your home and spend the cold days in a warm place.

Rats can be a nuisance not only for your compost bin but also for your belongings. If they die on your property, you will have to deal with the dead animal carcass smell. Thus, you need to hire a pest control Brisbane professional service for such instances.


Compost bins are extremely valuable, and you must take care of them at any cost. We hope the valuable tips mentioned above will help you in keeping rats and mice away from the compost bins. If you notice any rodent activity on your property, contact Magic Pest Control and make your property pest-free today!