What Is The Quickest Way To Get Rid Of Bees?

Is there a bee infestation in your house? Or have you spotted a bee nest in your backyard or kid’s playground that you need to remove? If yes, there are two ways to get rid of them: remove the bees from your property using natural household remedies or hire bees control Brisbane experts to eliminate them.

Bees contribute to the natural ecosystem. However, if bees make your residence or workplace their home, you may find them a nuisance, especially during spring and summer. Bees can cause a number of issues:

  • Children may be hesitant to enter play areas, particularly pools.
  • Bee stings are unpleasant and painful.
  • Allergic reactions to bee stings can be fatal.

If bees have caused any of these problems, you are probably looking for a way to eliminate them. Fortunately, there are several methods for completely eliminating bees and nests. For severe infestations, you can contact bees pest control Brisbane. But for minor infestations, you can try some DIY remedies. Let us find that out in more detail.

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The Best Ways to Get Rid of Bees From Your Property

There are several methods for removing bee nests. You can try natural remedies or hire bees control Brisbane professionals to avail of other ways. Consequently, you must know the end goals you want to achieve before choosing a particular approach. Consider if you want them to leave and relocate to another ecosystem away from your home or if you want to kill them. The following are the most effective methods:

1.    Contact a bees pest control company

Professionals such as bees control nest removal Brisbane can safely manage bees and provide long-term solutions. They can assist in the removal of bee nests without killing them. Due to their extensive experience dealing with insects such as bees, they can remove them from your home and assist them in finding a new habitat. They accomplish this by eliminating the honeycombs within the beehive while keeping the queen bee calm. The honeycombs are transferred to another hive away from your home while the queen remains safe inside. The rest of the bees automatically follow the queen to reach their new beehive. Another advantage of hiring bees control services Brisbane is that they employ safe techniques and use the right products to make your home free of unwanted bees.

2.    Spray to get rid of the bee nest

Another effective remedy for treating bee infestations is to spray bees with the right products. When using sprays, remember that some will kill bees, which you may not wish to happen since bees are essential to the environment. Many bee removal sprays can help get rid of bees without killing them. Sprays are most effective at night. So, if you intend to remove bee nests, do so after dark. You can use a red flashlight during the process since bees cannot see this colour.

You will be able to see the bees with a red flashlight, but they will not be able to do so. This is a fantastic chance for you to spray them more cleverly. A decent bee spray should keep them at bay for a few hours. As a result, if you see bees the next day, consider spraying again. Repeat the procedure until your home is bee-free.

3.    Using powder to remove a bee nest

When you apply bee powder to the bee nest, it can also aid in the elimination of unwanted bees from your property. The powder and the spray work similarly, which means some powders may exterminate bees, despite you not intending that. It is always a good idea to consult a bee control Brisbane service to choose the best powder. Wear gloves when handling the powder to avoid getting it on your hands. You should also wear a helmet to help you safely approach the nest and prevent bee stings. In addition, wear long socks to protect exposed body parts from bee stings.

4.    Create a bee trap

Bees can be captured by being drawn into a container they cannot leave. Commercial traps are specifically designed to catch unwanted bees, but the method used to create them can be replicated using common household items. Make a bee trap with a narrow entrance into an ample space. Add a sweet solution to the trap to attract bees. Natural sugar, artificial nectar, or maple syrup mixed with water can all be used.

Bees are drawn in and enter through the tiny opening, where they become trapped because they cannot escape the container. You can make a DIY bee trap out of a two-liter bottle. You must capture the bees and release them at a different, more desirable location because your objective is to remove the bees’ nest without killing the inhabitants.

5.    Peppermint

Planting peppermint around your residence will completely keep bees away. Peppermint has a strong scent that makes bees and other insects uncomfortable. Another excellent method is to purchase peppermint oil and soak cotton wool. Then, strategically place them in your home or around the nest to keep bees away.

6.    Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a powerful spice that can effectively remove bee hives. It emits a foul smell that bees cannot stand. If the nest smells like cinnamon, they will leave and find another place to live. By sprinkling on or near the hive, you can drive them away. Wear protective equipment while you sprinkle, as some bees may attack you if they detect the unfriendly smell of cinnamon. It takes a few days to get rid of bees in your home. Cinnamon aids in the natural removal of bee nests without harming the bees.


Take all necessary precautions when using any of the above methods to remove bee nests. Bees can become aggressive and dangerously attack you at any time. As a result, it is best to wear protective clothing before attempting any method. Also, even if you feel confident trying to get rid of the bees yourself, there will be times when hiring a pro like bees control Brisbane will be your best course of action. Bees can build nests in odd places, such as the ground, your home’s siding, and other difficult-to-reach areas. This is what professionals such as bees pest control Brisbane do for a living, so take advantage of their knowledge.