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Bees, with their painful stings, are among the most dangerous pests to have on any premises. Their stings can be dangerous for kids, allergic individuals and people with low immunity. We strongly advise you not to expose yourself or others to danger by attempting to deal with the bee infestation by yourselves.

Your search for an affordable and fast bee removal Brisbane service comes to an end with Magic Pest Control. We have experienced, trained and skilled bee removal and handling experts at our disposal. Our services can be availed 24*7 and at any time of the day.

Reach out to our team whenever you need assistance with the removal and disposal of the bee nests and hives in awkward places on your property. Do not land yourself in danger in an attempt to eliminate bee colonies all by yourselves. Without expertise and a lack of safety gear, you are likely to get attacked by a swarm of bees.

Instead, call us; we’re always available by phone and pleased to aid our clients with the bee infestation in their homes.

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    What Are the Risks of Having Bees?

    Bees are a safety hazard for anyone on your property. They can go on an attacking spree if they feel their queen or hive is under a threat. Listed ahead are some risks of having bees and their hives on your property:

    • The stingers imparted by the bees when they sting people are very painful and agonizing. Swelling and skin blisters are the common aftermaths for a person who has experienced stings.
    • People getting bee stings can experience a number of symptoms including dizziness, shortness of breath, and headache also necessitating medical intervention.
    • Bee stings are extremely dangerous for allergic individuals.
    • Bees make their hives awkward and difficult to access spots and places in any property. Attics, lofts, terraces, garage sheds, tall trees in your yards and roofs are some places bees use to make their hives.
    • Beehives can obstruct normal electrical infrastructure operation or cause sewage clogs. Bee populations are also responsible for damaging other structures nearby.
    • A bee infestation can bring in even more dangerous pests, such as rodents, spiders, fleas, and other annoying insects.
    • Anaphylaxis caused by a bee sting can cause swelling, breathlessness, loss of balance, and a blood pressure drop.

    Signs of Bees Infestation

    • Bees can also drill nests below the ground; common signs of their infestation include finding mud mounds identical to anthills but with bigger holes.
    • Finding bee nests on the outer part of the property, doorways, garage sheds etc.
    • Stains on ceilings are another sign of having a bee infestation on your property.
    • Swarms of active bees fly around in your yard, house or garage.
    • Coming across small holes in your wooden furniture or piles of wood is the surest sign of having a bee infestation.

    Do not be alarmed if you come across these aforementioned signs, a beehive or a bee colony on or anywhere near your property. It is inadvisable to even attempt their removal by yourselves. Please contact us right away! Magic Pest Control will dispatch bee control experts who will arrive completely prepared to eliminate the colony for you. We will do everything from removing all the bees, alongside their hives and their contents to the application of insecticides on the infested site to thwart its reoccurrence.

    Bee Removal Services
    Bee Removal Brisbane

    Licensed & Certified Bee Removal Professionals

    Magic Pest Control hires certified and licensed Bees Pest Control Brisbane experts for the job. All the professionals working for us possess all the necessary licensing required for the removal, management and handling of bees from a number of properties. You need not worry about their credentials, skills or qualifications for the job.

    We are highly skilled and experienced in rescuing properties facing bee infestation troubles over a long period of time. We also have the necessary training to handle the bees humanely and also to relocate them to a safer location.

    Besides, all the bee removal and handling are done in adherence to the safety standards set by the Australian government. You can be sure of getting a swift and immediate response for your bee infestation issues in your surroundings. Our team will be deployed to your property in no time after an appointment is scheduled. All you have to do is to call our customer care representatives and your property would be free from bees in no time.

    Tips On Preventing Bees Infestation By Magic Pest Control

    Preventing bee infestations entails making your surroundings less and less appealing for the bees. Taking immediate action for the removal of bees from your premises is key to the efficient prevention of a bee outbreak on any property. Listed ahead are some measures that can be implemented in order to keep bees away from your property:

    Bee Removal

    Cut down trees in your yards that yield big bunches of flowers. Instead, research and plant trees and houseplants that act as repellents for these pests.

    Bee Removal

    Bees can be deterred from your home by scattering cotton swabs steeped in aromatic oils like citronella, tea tree, and peppermint in bee-friendly places.

    Pest Control

    Take precautions when hosting birthday parties and outdoor gatherings during holidays, as sweet treats like baked goods, candy, and desserts can attract bees to your food. Ensure that the food and waste containers are properly covered during barbecues. Make sure that the trash is stored in containers with secure lids.

    Pest Control

    Find and dispose of any clutter like empty boxes, newspapers, and unused tools in the garden shed, garage, attics and lofts. These may serve as helpful for the bees for making their hives.


    In the case of a bee outbreak, it is essential to choose professional Bees Nest Removal services in Brisbane to guarantee proper handling, as these experts possess the necessary skills and experience.

    How Can You Remove Bees Out Of Your Home Or Workplace?

    Bees form an important part of the pollination process. However, they can be a dangerous factor if and when they enter human territory. These are some ways one can use to remove bees from homes and workplaces in an effective manner:

    Vinegar solution

    To implement this method, combine equal amounts of vinegar and water in a bowl. Place the bowl in an area where you frequently see bees, or transfer the solution to a spray bottle and spray the entire beehive. You can also purchase a bee-specific spray from a department store and apply it to the bee colonies at night.


    Spraying insecticides on bee colonies and hives is also an effective way to get rid of bees. The insecticides paralyse them before getting rid of them.

    Cinnamon powder

    Ground cinnamon is easily available in households and can also be used to eliminate bees from your property. Sprinkling this powdered spice on all places visited by the bees can be effective in repelling these pests from your surroundings.

    It is, however, important to note that one needs to wear all the necessary safety gear and goggles before diving into the task of eliminating bees. Also, it is important to carry out these remedies at night to save yourself from the onslaught of huge colonies coming onto you in defence.

    Magic Pest Control has the necessary skills and tools to safely handle bees. They can relocate them to some other area, without causing any harm. We can remove bees from your house or place of business. Our training and expertise in dealing with unwanted insects like bees allow us to provide them with a secure nesting habitat.

    Bee Removal Services

    Emergency Bees Control Brisbane

    Bees on any property are a dangerous entity and a security threat to everybody’s well-being at the same time. Hence, getting a Bees Control Services Brisbane company at the right time is highly important. We understand that time is of the essence in such situations and so have designed emergency bees control services for the safety of our clients. You can avail of our emergency bee control services irrespective of the time.

    Our teams are available for you even on holidays and weekends. Feel free to Call us even on a Sunday, when you find a swarm of bees raining down on your barbeque brunch party. We would be happy to assist you and restore the hygiene and safety of your property by eliminating the bees once and for all.

    Commercial Bee Control Brisbane

    Are your employees expressing concern about the increasing number of bee hives on your property? Contact Magic Pest Control to learn about the commercial bee control options available for commercial business owners.

    We make sure that our work does not cause any interruption or disorder in the daily activities of your business. Do not expose your employees and workers to the dangers brought about by honeybees. These pests can also degrade the reputation of your business in a matter of time also affecting your profits.

    Moreover, your employees can also face discomfort and distress due to such pests in their work environment. Such foreseeable repercussions of pests like honeybees can be easily prevented with Bee Removal Brisbane services. Consult us for having your property inspected and serviced for the removal of bees from your premises.

    Bee Removal Brisbane
    Bee Removal Brisbane

    Same-Day Bees Removal and Control In Brisbane

    The presence of a bee nest or hive on your property can be unsettling, as bees typically do not become aggressive until they are disturbed. A bee infestation can cause feelings of insecurity, making prompt bee removal the ideal solution to address the issue.

    Our team will develop the most appropriate solution for your situation with the help of advanced equipment, skills and efficient techniques. Contact us for more details right away and have an appointment scheduled for your same-day bee removal. Our bee removal technicians are certified for the job and are also available round-the-clock for the same.

    Why Choose Magic Pest Control For Bee Removal Brisbane?

    • Round-the-clock availability of Bees Control Services Brisbane for residential and commercial clients.
    • Easy access and scheduling of appointments through phone calls or website
    • Safe, efficient and eco-friendly removal and management of bees from any property.
    • Prompt, quick and quality services guaranteed for every client.
    • We possess the necessary equipment and technical expertise for efficient and foolproof management of bee infestations.
    • Availability of same-day and emergency Bee Removal Brisbane services for every type of property.
    • Humane and legal ways of bee relocation are carried out by the Bees Control Services Brisbane professionals.

    How Much Does Bee Removal Cost In Brisbane?

    The cost of Bees Control Brisbane depends on where the hive is located and how big it is. The amount of damage the bees have done and the repairs needed to fix it also contribute to the final price. Sometimes, the bees build their hives on wooden beams, causing structural damage that must be immediately fixed, which can add to the overall cost.

    Likewise, the experience of the Bees Nest Removal Brisbane professional also up the bee removal costs.

    Due to the wealth of experience and expertise possessed by bee removal experts, it makes better sense to consult a Bees Pest Control Brisbane expert on the scene. We can handle the situation better without letting panic set in. It is possible for them to eliminate all beehives from your property as soon as possible.