How To Get Rid Of Possum Smell In House?

Is there a possum (alive or dead) in your house? If yes, it must be smelling bad in your home, backyard, or roof – where this cute yet troubling creature would have made its hiding place. Since possums are protected animals under the wildlife act, you cannot kill the possum on your property. Therefore, despite the foul odour, you can only eradicate them by hiring licensed possum removal Brisbane services.

Unfortunately, if the possum who entered your property dies somehow, its carcass will emit a puke-worthy odour that will be difficult to bear. In such situations also, you need to find out the dead corpse of the possum and get rid of it safely and hygienically so that it does not harm you or leave you exposed to germs.

You can hire our team of professionals for possum removal services in Brisbane, who will remove the carcass and even neutralise the foul odour in your house, making it smell nice again! If you want to learn how this process is carried out or how you can eradicate the possum smell using DIY methods, keep reading further.

Possum Removal Services

Signs of Possum Infestation

If you are wondering what pest is emitting a bad smell, you must first identify if it is a possum that has infested your house. Of course, the quickest way to discover you have a possum issue at home is to either see one face-to-snout or catch it on camera. You must do some homework if all you know is that there might be a possum nearby. It is critical to identify the animal because it could be a pest, such as a rat or a mouse. This will determine what steps you must take.

Noises: They make a lot of noise. They have the ability to growl, grunt, screech, and hiss. Other noises they make include scratching and dropping things down at night (when they are most active), typically in roof cavities.

Possum droppings and urine stains: Brushtail possum droppings range from dark green to brown and are about the size of an olive. Ringtail possum droppings range from dark brown to black and are about 1 cm long. They can be found in various locations, including the balcony, guttering, and garden tables. It’s difficult to tell the difference between possums and rat droppings, but if you find neither, you should immediately contact a possum catcher Brisbane company.

Chewing on electrical wiring: Possums, like all rodents, enjoy chewing on things they shouldn’t. If you find chewed electrical cables, you have a rodent problem. This can cause a fire hazard and leave your household without power.

Damage to trees and flowers in the garden: Possums enjoy eating plants, even decorative ones. The issue is exacerbated if you have fruit trees in your garden.

These signs will indicate that the possum is alive. But if the possum is dead, you will also need to identify this dead animal’s foul smell closely. Professionals at Magic Pest Control are experts at dealing with all types of pests, and a few signs are enough for them to conclude the type of pest and whether the possum is alive or dead.

How Long Does a Dead Possum Smell?

Possums will stink until they are entirely decomposed or dried out. The longer the odour lasts, the damper the site. The stench can linger for weeks if a possum dies on the roof, in your backyard, or near a steam pipe. A dead possum’s odour may stay for up to months.

If you find a dead possum inside your home, dispose of it immediately. Small animals like rats and mice, or bigger ones such as possums and raccoons, commonly hide beneath your house or behind various objects. As a result, they are challenging to detect. However, the signs below indicate a dead possum inside your home.

  • A strong odour both inside and outside your home
  • Floor or wall stains
  • Swarms of flies hovering in a specific region

You may also check air vents, attics, wall crevices, and the basement since these are common places to find them. Possum catchers Brisbane professionals have years of experience in inspecting all the nooks and corners where possums can hide and hence, can easily locate where they would have died.

How To Remove Dead Possum Smell?

You will still have to deal with the lingering odour after removing the dead possum carcass. What you should use to eliminate the filthy odour will be determined by the pest that died in your residence and where it died.

Step 1: Wash the Region Extensively

Once you find and remove a dead animal carcass, there should be no delay in thoroughly cleaning the area where you found it. This improves hygiene and helps you to get rid of most of the residual odour. If you are in a commercial structure, you should bring a spray hose to clean up all the debris. Wear gloves and thoroughly scrub the area with a disinfectant.

Step 2: Use an Odour-Neutralising Product

Various odour-neutralising products are available in the market, primarily used to eliminate dead animal odours that may originate from the dead body of the possum hidden inside attics, walls, and other difficult-to-reach areas. Soak a cotton ball in the odour-neutralising product or fill it in a spraying can. Then, apply the ball to the affected region or spray where the odour is most pungent. Keep spraying or applying the product as needed until the dead possum odour reduces.

Step 3: Use a Sponge Odour Eliminator

We recommend using a sponge odour eliminator for much more pungent odours. This product is an odour absorbent and will quickly remove the putrid smell of the dead animal. Simply place the sponge in the region where the odour is strongest, and it will be gone in a few days. The sponge can also be placed away from the odour and absorb it as effectively.

If you feel this entire process to be arduous, then you can contact possum removal services Brisbane, who offer dead possum removal and eliminate the foul smell from your house using the best products.


You can keep unwanted animals out of your walls by pest-proofing your residence or workspace. You can accomplish this by using chimney caps to keep unwanted pests out and traps to catch hold of and eliminate creatures rather than using poisonous baits, which can cause an animal to die unintentionally. If the animal does not die, you will not need to worry about the dead animal’s smell. But if the pest dies, you can hire possum removal Brisbane services, which will safely and efficiently remove the alive possum or its carcass from your property safely and efficiently.

If you’re looking for professional possum removal services in Brisbane, contact us to rid your home of decaying critters. To learn about possum removal costs in Brisbane, get in touch with us and get estimated quotes!