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Pests are annoying, invasive and threats to the hygiene of any surroundings that they choose to infest. It is difficult to live a disease-free and healthy life if there are pests also living in various parts of the property. Pests can also damage the reputation of commercial properties and businesses. Pest control services are a dependable solution for residents, households and commercial property owners experiencing pest troubles.

Magic Pest Control is a reliable pest control Ipswich service provider that is actively operating in Ipswich and other suburbs since 2003. Invest in a range of excellent and beneficial pest control services offered to commercial and residential clients and get assured respite from pests in no time.

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    Various Risks Associated with Pest Infestation

    Pests are a major health hazard. They do not just bring about major health issues but also are a threat to your property and belongings. Listed ahead are the various risks and damages brought about by pest infestations:

    Health Problems

    • Pests such as rodents, rats, mice and possums carry a number of viruses and bacteria on them which can infect humans and children. Hantavirus, Monkeypox, Salmonellosis, Rat-Bite Fever, and Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM) are a few diseases that humans can contract due to these pests.
    • Cockroaches and dust mites can trigger allergic symptoms, breathing issues and asthma. Mosquitoes and rodents can also transfer vector-borne diseases including malaria, zika virus, rabies, and Lyme disease.
    • Ant bites can cause irritation, discomfort and pain. Stings of some ant species have venom which in turn can give rise to serious health issues. Pain, inflammation, irritation, nausea, diarrhoea, cramps in the stomach, dizziness, chest pain, and difficulty breathing are some common reactions experienced by people due to ant bites.
    • Wasp stings are also known to be extremely painful and also fatal in some cases.
    • Possums have been linked to the transmission of diseases such as tuberculosis, relapsing fever, leptospirosis, and tularemia.
    • The material used by pest birds for making nests has germs that can spread a range of transmittable diseases.

    Property Damage

    • The chewing and gnawing activities of rodents and rats can damage electrical wiring, insulation, and vents thus triggering short circuits and house fires. They also chew and damage furniture, newspapers, magazines, clothes, fruits, packaged food etc.
    • Termites and ants are infamous for damaging wooden furniture, attics, door and window frames. They can also attack improperly stored woodpiles and logs of wood. Their activity thus also damages and weakens the foundation of any property adversely.
    • Pests like silverfish and moths can infest your food items, flour, clothes, packaged food, books and magazines. Likewise, cockroaches and ants also can contaminate food and can line up to collect food crumbs fallen on the floor, kitchen counter, tabletop or any cooking appliance.
    • Carpenter ants create tunnels inside wooden furniture, walls, decks, doors and window frames thus making them hollow. An ant infestation can attract even more pests like spiders and cockroaches to the property.
    • Pest birds can ruin automobiles, windows, doors, roofs, porches and yards with their droppings which are even harder to remove while also being corrosive in nature. They build nests in balconies, chimneys, lofts, crawlspaces, and a variety of other places. Without Ipswich Pest Control Services, identifying them and removing them becomes extremely difficult.

    What Signs Do You Have a Pest Infestation on Your Premises?

    Various pests show different signs of infestation in properties. Mentioned ahead are some key signs that will help you know whether you have an infestation or there is a need of Pest Control Ipswich services:

    Holes and openings in the walls could mean your house has a rodent or rat infestation. Finding chewed wiring, clothes, and plastic items is also a sign your house has been infested by rats, mice and rodents.

    Sagged surfaces on ceilings, walls and floors are an indicator of a termite infestation. Likewise, wooden dust shed organs, and hollow-sounding wooden furniture also is a sign of a termite infestation.

    Coming across nests in the property could point towards a rodent or bird infestation. Finding cobwebs in dark or unused rooms is an indicator of a spider infestation.

    Unpleasant odours in the house could also point towards a pest infestation on your property.

    Finding active pests in the property is also a major sign of the likelihood of a full-fledged infestation.

    Weird sounds coming from the roof or walls throughout the day or during the night also is a sign of pest infestation.

    Where Are Common Pest Entry Points?

    Listed ahead are some common entry points used by pests for invading commercial and residential properties.

    Brisbane Pest Control Services

    Pipes, plumbing, AC vents

    Overgrown trees

    Overgrown trees and shrubbery leaning over the property

    Pest Control

    Luggage and packages coming from outside

    Pest Control

    Holes, cracks and crevices in the inner and outer walls

    Rodent control

    Cracks in the roofs


    Holes in the door’s frame and foundation

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    Ipswich Pest Control Process followed by Magic Pest Control



    Our team of Pest Control Services Ipswich professionals assess the entire property to map out any openings that serve as entry points for pests.

    cutting-edge technology

    Pest Control Plan

    The findings from the inspection helps our team to determine a precise pest control process. It is also helpful for deciding whether the treatment would consist of single or multiple treatment types.

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    Pest Control Treatment

    The determined pest control treatment is then carried out methodically with accurate products and techniques.


    Follow-Up Visit

    The team also intimates to the client about the follow-up visit scheduled alongside any preventative measures to be taken to prevent repeat infestations.

    Reasons to Choose Magic Pest Control Ipswich

    Pest Control Services
    • We are a local pest control business operating since 2003.
    • Our pest control services are affordable and priced economically.
    • Our teams are equipped to operate the latest pest control equipment and apparatus to get rid of pests efficiently
    • Our team of pest controllers is acquainted with the correct chemical usage depending on the pest variety to ensure the elimination and safety of the people.
    • We use thoroughly eco-friendly products that do not pose danger to the planet or the infants and allergic individuals in your household.

    End-Of-Lease Pest Control

    End-of-lease pest control is another important and mandatory pest control facility. This service is opted for by tenants looking to vacate their rental space. They are expected to avail of this service at the time of vacating the property. Furnishing the completion certificate of which, they can get their bond money back.

    Magic Pest Control is also equipped to carry out this service for a number of apartments and residence types in Ipswich. If you are a tenant looking for this service, get in touch with our team to have our end-of-lease pest control technicians visit your property for delivering this service.

    Pest Control Services

    Commercial Pest Control Service in Ipswich

    Pest Control Services

    If you are a business owner, then commercial pest control services are a really significant investment for the business which are essential for keeping pests away from the property. Businesses with pests can earn a poor reputation and hence regular inspections from certified pest control providers like Magic Pest Control is a better idea.

    You can reach out to us any time to get professional guidance and assistance for your commercial property with regard to pest management. We also provide emergency services and same-day appointments to our clients.

    Emergency Pest Control and Same-Day Pest Control

    Pests can invade any space that offers them a steady supply of food, shelter and water. Magic Pest Control also offers clients emergency and same-day pest control facilities. These services are hugely advantageous for people who have packed schedules and no time left to look into their home maintenance activities.

    Our team will be deployed to your location on the same day you confirm your appointment.

    Pest Control Services

    Budget-Friendly Pest Control Services

    We at, Magic Pest Control have always striven hard to provide all our clients with economical and pocket-friendly Pest Control Services in Ipswich. Our services are not just safe and effective but are also highly reasonable. We do not add any hidden costs to your bill and all pest control facilities are fairly priced. Reach out to our customer care executives to get a better idea of the pricing structure of our services. Consult us to get the best pest control services for your property from our teams of skilled, experienced and trained professionals.

    Easy yet Effective Pest Prevention Tips

    Look over the entire property to find any cracks, crevices and openings that could be offering pests with easy entry points to your property. Seal them or caulk them with the necessary adhesives and chemicals.

    Keep the area around the door swept and clean to keep insects away.

    Install screens in windows that don’t have them and repair broken ones if any.

    Don’t keep your doors and windows into the evening, as that can draw insects and pest to the light and warmth in your property in search of food.

    Examine the area beneath the roof for any holes that rodents or other small pests could use to enter your property.

    Check the vents and screens on a regular basis to ensure they aren’t broken or damaged as that also could be a possible entry point.

    Clean or dust air vents and the surrounding area on a regular basis to prevent insects from building nests inside.

    Repair leaking pipes, broken heating systems, and faulty plumbing as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you notice a problem with your plumbing, don’t delay in taking action since pests will only aggravate the situation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What are the pests that require more than one session of pest control?
    Fleas, bed bugs and ticks are some pests that require multiple treatment sessions as identifying the root cause of the infestation and addressing it appropriately requires more time.

    Q. Can I spray pesticides to get rid of my pest problem?
    Fleas, bed bugs and ticks are some pests that require multiple treatment sessions as identifying the root cause of the infestation and addressing it appropriately requires more time.

    Q. Do I have to go away for the time the pest controllers work in my home?
    In most cases, you will not be required to leave your home. You will be requested to only leave the place where our pest professional is working. Pest control products are applied and chosen with extreme caution. It will be communicated to you ahead of time if you need to be away from home for the duration of the pest control service.

    Q. Why an inspection is necessary before a quote is given to me?
    No two properties and pest infestations in them are alike. The inspection is free of cost and also helps us find out the problem areas so an accurate quote can be provided to you.

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