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Rats are long-tailed rodents that are known for their destructive activities. These pests could cause major damage to human health and property structures. That’s why it is necessary to keep them away from homes and offices. If you have been facing the problem of rat infestation, then you can book rat control Sunshine Beach services offered by Magic Pest Control.

In our company, we have a team of trained professionals. The team uses odourless and hypoallergenic rodenticides to control rats. In addition, our professionals use electrical and mechanical methods to tackle rat infestations.

Our online booking is open 24x7. You can contact us on same day as well for rat removal Sunshine Beach is a major hub for a variety of rat species. But our services could ensure that rats stay away from your home for a long time. To book service, you can contact us at 0489908469.

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    Health Risks Associated with Rat Infestation

    Over 35 diseases could spread because of rat saliva, faeces, hair, and urine. Rats generally enter a home in search of food. During this process, they contaminate the food products. Grains, fruits, seeds, and many other things kept in the pantry could be attacked by rats. While eating the food, the rats leave their saliva and germs.

    When humans consume the contaminated food, they fall sick. This is the reason for stomach infections in homes. Salmonella is an example of a disease that spreads due to contaminated food. People suffering from asthma and other respiratory issues could face problems due to rat hair. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is a disease that spreads through the faecal matter of rats.

    Sometimes, the rats can become hazardous in an indirect manner. These pests could carry some pathogens with them. They may carry parasites that could be even more harmful to humans. Diseases like plague and Colorado tick fever spread in this way only.

    Wondering how to prevent such health risks? You can simply reach out to us. We would offer a specialised service for rat removal.

    Rat Infestation Sunshine Beach

    How to Identify Rat Infestation?

    You will notice the following warning signals once the rats enter your property. If you discover any of these signs, feel free to contact Magic Pest Control.

    • The presence of rat droppings in the cupboards, drawers, and kitchen cabinets indicates rat infestation.
    • You would find nesting materials in a dark and silent corner of a house or office.
    • If the rat infestation is severe, then you will notice holes in windows, furniture, and doors.
    • The odour released from the scent glands of rats could be considered a clear sign.

    Where do Rats Hide?

    Rats are quick and flexible creatures that are nocturnal in nature. They come out of their hiding places at night. In the daytime, they are hidden in different places, such as:

    • In bathroom and kitchen cabinets
    • In false ceilings and walls
    • Basements
    • Storerooms
    • Behind a pile of newspapers
    • Garage, etc.

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    Type of Rats Found in Australia

    Do you know that there are 56 species of rats worldwide? Among these rat species, 7 are found in Australia. Here, you would know more about the two main rat species found in Sunshine Beach:

    Black Rat

    • It is 16–24 cm long.
    • It could weigh up to 200 g.
    • This rat could give birth to 5–10 young ones at once.
    • Black rat has a slender body and large ears.

    Brown Rat

    • Also known as Rattus norvegicus.
    • It could be up to 20 cm long.
    • It produces 7-8 young ones per litter.
    • Its weight could be up to 500 g.

    Why Do You Need Rat Control Services in Sunshine Beach?

    Rat infestation is a serious problem that could pose a threat to human lives. To prevent the following problems, you could book a rat control service:

    Damage to Property Structure

    Wooden structures, fences, walls, soil, and various other components of a property structure could be damaged by rats. Pest control experts could find, catch, and remove rats within a few hours. In this way, your property would be saved.

    Health Hazards

    Rats are supposed to be carriers of various diseases, such as Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Hantavirus, and LCMV. Even dead rats are considered dangerous for humans. If you don’t want to suffer from health problems, then you could seek help from experts.

    Damage to Possessions

    Curtains, carpets, clothes, papers, furniture, electrical items, and many other things could be badly damaged by rats. By booking professional rat control services, you could prevent damage.

    Importance of Hiring Rat Control Experts in Sunshine Beach

    Are you feeling troubled because of rats? Are DIY hacks ineffective for rat control? Don’t worry! You could hire professionals any day. By taking help from experts, you could get the following benefits:

    • Professionals know everything about rodenticides. They check the chemical composition of products and then use them. Because of their knowledge, you don’t suffer from side effects.
    • The experts have access to different kinds of machines and products. They have all the resources that are beneficial for rat control.
    • The specialists know about the signs of rat infestation. They inspect a property and then look for signs of rat infestation. Experts can locate and catch rats, both alive and dead with ease.

    Why Choose Magic Pest Control?

    Magic Pest Control has been working in the industry for many years. We have been able to sustain ourselves here by keeping our customers a priority. Here is why we could be a perfect choice for you:

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    Process of Rat Removal in Sunshine Beach

    We are a licenced company that always maintains quality standards. Our professionals are trained and work in a systematic manner to bring out the best possible results. To remove rats from a property, our experts follow these steps:

    Process1 Inspection

    Our experts conduct an inspection to find out and assess various details, such as:

    • Type of rats
    • Intensity of damage
    • Property Size
    • Entry Points for Rats

    Process2 Preparation of Rat Control Plan

    Our pest control experts make a customised plan after inspection. We include several points in a plan, such as:

    • Estimated pest control duration
    • Estimated results
    • Selection of rodenticides
    • Distribution of work

    Process3 Use of Rat Control Methods

    In our company, we use multiple methods to reduce the number of rats on a property. The techniques mentioned below are extensively used by our rat removal Sunshine Beach team:


    These are poisonous chemicals that can be used to kill rats. Our pest controllers select rodenticides carefully. They ensure that rat-killing products don’t affect human health.


    In open spaces like gardens, our professionals use fumigation techniques to control rats. Fumigants are sprayed with a machine. The rats feel suffocation and die easily.

    Ultrasonic Devices

    These days, it has become possible to repel rats without using harsh chemicals. Ultrasonic devices produce sounds that are unbearable for rats. Placing these devices at entry points could reduce rat infestations.

    Rat Baits and Traps

    These are traditional, cheap, and yet effective methods of rat control. The experts set up bait stations and traps all around the property. Many live rats could be captured with this technique.

    Process4 Post-Treatment Assessment

    The chemicals and other methods might take a few days to show visible results. After 3–4 days, our team would come to your place and check it. If the pests are controlled, then we would take approval from you. If the rats are still there, we would extend the duration of treatment.

    Rat Post Treatment

    Emergency Rat Control Services

    Do you need rat control Sunshine Beach service urgently? You can contact our team and make an appointment for the service. We accept same-day and emergency service bookings. Our professionals would reach both commercial and residential properties within a few hours. They would carry the necessary products and tools. Isn’t it amazing? Get in touch with us and get quick relief from rats.

    Emergency Rat Control Services

    Budget-Friendly Rat Removal Sunshine Beach Service

    Rats might look tiny, but they can be really destructive. Their removal from the property must be considered as early as possible. Sometimes, people refrain from booking professional service because of the service fee. At Magic Pest Control, you don’t have to worry about your budget. Our company has an affordable pricing policy.

    Instead of charging on an hourly basis, we inspect and send you a quote for the entire package. Our services are generally affordable and provide more value to our customers. To get an estimated price for the service, you could give us a call right away. You could also send a message to us via our contact form. Our dedicated customer care team will surely contact you.

    Reliable Rat Removal Services for Commercial Places

    We are the top provider of rat control services in Sunshine Beach. Many commercial property owners rely on our services whenever they face problems because of rats. These days, people prefer hotels and hospitals that are safe and hygienic. Customers would not like to enter such places if rat infestations exist there. Even employees would not prefer to work near rats.

    Apart from harming health, the rats could damage inventories kept in factories and shops. Moreover, they chew curtains, electrical appliances, and upholstered furniture. It would be expensive for the business owners to repair and buy everything.

    Here, the rat control Sunshine Beach services could play a huge role. Trained and certified experts sent by our company could make your commercial building rat-free within a few days. They can control rats with modern techniques. Overall, professional service would be great for everyone’s health and business growth too.

    Book Our Rat Removal Services for Residential Places

    A home is a place where the mind finds peace. But the existence of rats at home is never pleasant. Droppings in kitchen cabinets, urine stains near doors, and holes in the curtains could be stressful for a house owner. Rats not only ruin the aesthetic value of a house but also impact the well-being of your loved ones.

    Professional rat control service offered by our company could be useful for you. Our skilled workers use multiple methods, technologies, and products to control rats. We treat the infestation from its root cause by blocking entry points and removing food and water sources. Thinking about skin allergies and breathing problems? Well, we use only hypoallergenic products to target pests. There would be no negative impact on your health.

    Some Easy Rat Prevention Tips

    Prevention is always better than cure! To stop the rats from entering your property, you could follow these tips:

    • Seal all the potential entry points. Holes, gaps, and vents in the doors, walls, and windows must be sealed properly.
    • All sources of water and food for rats must be eliminated.
    • Store food products in airtight containers.
    • Don’t clutter your home. Remove all kinds of paper and cardboard products if not in use.
    • Electromagnetic devices and ultrasonic machines are quite effective in repelling rats.
    • You can keep traps in different corners of the house.
    Rat Control Sunshine Beach

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    Reliable Rat Control Service in Sunshine Beach

    There is no need to put up with the nuisance caused by rats. You can contact Magic Pest Control and make an appointment for the rat control treatment. Our experts have several years of experience. They would provide top-quality and trustworthy treatment to residences and businesses. To book the service, you can call us today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is the benefit of booking a rat control service?

    Professional services are helpful in the quick eradication of a number of rats from a property. The experts use relevant products and kill rats. They ensure that your property and health do not suffer because of rats.

    Q. What is the estimated price for the service?

    To know the estimated price, you can give us a call. The service price is based on different factors like property dimensions, intensity of rat infestation, rat species, etc. Our team will know your requirements and provide you with a quote.

    Q. What methods do professionals use to control rats?

    The experts use traps, baits, rodenticides, and ultrasonic devices to eradicate the rats.

    Q. What smells do rats hate?

    Rats dislike the smells of peppermint oil, eucalyptus, lavender, garlic, rosemary, mint, and ammonia.

    Q. When should I contact rat removal experts?

    You should contact a professional as soon as you discover the signs of a rat infestation.