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Possums are marsupials that are commonly found in residential and commercial places in Lawnton. These pests cause damage to property and health. But you can’t kill them. These pests are protected under the Wildlife Act of 1975.

To eliminate possum infestations from your property, you need to book a possum removal Lawnton service. At Magic Pest Control, we have a team of licenced and certified professionals that can remove possums safely.

In our company, you can get this service 24x7. We even offer same-day or emergency possum removal services. If you need a quote for the service, you can contact us.

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    Do You Need a Professional Possum Removal Service in Lawnton?

    Possum infestations can impact human life in many ways. To prevent these impacts, you need to seek help from professionals. You can get the following benefits by booking a professional possum removal service:

    • By booking a professional possum control Lawnton service, you can save your property from damage.
    • You can avoid legal complications by relying on professional services.
    • You can save time, effort, and money by booking the possum control service.

    Reasons Why You Should Hire Experts to Remove Possums

    If possums have entered your home or office and are causing problems, then you should immediately hire the experts. Here is how they can help you:

    Professionals are aware of the rules and regulations set for possum control.

    The experts can trace the signs of a possum infestation and find the possum quickly.

    The experts know how to catch the possums. They have different tools and hacks.

    Professionals can give you suggestions to prevent possum infestations.

    Why Choose Magic Pest Control?

    Our company has been ruling the pest control industry for many years. Customers love to book our services regularly because we offer the following advantages:

    • We have over two decades of industry experience.
    • Our experienced professionals follow humane pest control methods.
    • We are licenced to provide pest control services.
    • For last-minute requirements, clients can contact us.
    • To assist customers, we have a dedicated customer care team.
    Possum Removal Service Lawnton

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    Lawnton Possum Removal Process

    Our professionals follow a systematic plan while removing the possums from a property. Here is how they do it:

    Inspect the Property

    A possum catcher Lawnton visits the site and checks every nook and cranny. Possum species, intensity of infestation, and many other essential aspects are checked.

    Catch and Remove the Possums

    After identifying the signs of a possum infestation, the experts start catching the possums. It is a tough job because possums can hide quickly.

    Relocate the Possums

    Once the possums are caught, they are relocated to a safe place. The relocation takes place in accordance with the regulations set by the government.

    Preventive Measures

    The experts suggest various measures to control the entry of possums into a property. Some of the possum preventive measures are:

    • You can remove the food sources for the possums.
    • Trim the tall tree branches so that possums can’t find the way to the roof.
    • Fencing the garden can also prevent possums.
    • Mothballs, ammonia, and garlic are a few strong-scented things that can be used to prevent possum infestations.

    Types of Possums in Lawnton

    You can find the following species of possums in Lawnton quite easily:

    Ringtail Possums

    These kinds of possums can be up to 35 cm long. Ringtail possums have a prehensile tail. They can eat leaves, flowers, and fruit saps.

    Stripped Possums

    These possum species are basically black in colour. They have three white stripes. These possums generally consume small vertebrates, fruits, leaves, etc.

    Pygmy Possums

    The length of these possums can reach up to 12 cm. They are small marsupials and can weigh up to 50 gm. These possums are omnivorous and become active at night.

    Brushtail Possums

    These nocturnal possums have a bushy tail. These possums love to eat eggs, fruits, and seeds. These possums can look black, brown, or gold.

    Feather-tail Possums

    Approximately 275 mm long, these possums look like feathers. Their body is covered with some hair, but their tail is hairless. These pests are generally found in forests and gardens.

    Green-tail Possums

    As the name suggests, these possums look greenish. Generally, these pests eat leaves. But they can also feed on stinger plants.

    Benefits of Choosing Our Possum Removal Services

    If possums are causing problems, then you don’t have to tolerate them anymore. You can reach out to Magic Pest Control and book the possum removal services Lawnton. Here is what you can get by selecting our services:

    • Our professionals have immense experience in possum control. They can inspect your property and remove all the possums within a few hours.
    • We can also remove dead possums from the premises.
    • Possums carry several parasites. They can become hazardous to your health. But you can prevent health issues by using our possum control services.
    • We have all the essential tools required for possum removal.

    Reliable Possum Removal Services for Residential Premises

    Do possums often jump on your roof at night? Are you worried about the safety of your child? Don’t worry! You can get in touch with us and book possum control Lawnton service for your home. We would arrive on time and remove all the possums.

    Residential Possum Removal Service
    Dead Possum Removal Services

    Dead Possum Removal Services

    Dead possums are more dangerous than live possums. After all, toxic gases are released from dead possums. In addition, germs and diseases spread because of dead animals. At Magic Pest Control, we provide dead possum removal Lawnton service. We find and remove the corpses within a few hours. We will also sanitise the place to ensure safety.

    Emergency Possum Removal Services in Lawnton

    If you are feeling threatened because of the presence of possums around you, then contact us immediately. We will send our possum removal team quickly. Within a couple of hours, our professionals will be there at your home or office. To know more about our emergency possum removal service, connect with us.

    Same Day Possum Removal in Lawnton

    Same-day Removal of Possums from a Property

    Now, there is no need to wait for many days for possum catchers. You can reach out to us and hire our experts. On the same day, we will remove the annoying possums from your property. We have the expertise and relevant tools that are required to catch possums. Isn’t it amazing? You just have to call us and book the service.

    Commercial Possum Control Service in Lawnton

    Shops, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial places have to suffer as a lot of possums invade them. These pests cause severe damage to property and ruin everything in search of food and shelter. If you are looking for an effective and reliable possum removal service for your commercial place, then you can rely on Magic Pest Control. We will make your home pest-free without asking for a high price.

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    How Much Does Possum Removal Cost?

    Our company offers possum removal services at a reasonable price. We don’t add hidden charges to the invoice. Instead of asking for an hourly price, we ask for a price for the entire work. We check the property, and based on its size and damage, we ask for the fee. If you want to know the service price for your home or office, then you can contact us. Our customer care team will send you the quote.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What are the signs that I have possums in my home?
    Ans. Signs that you have possums in your home include:

    • Noises at night, such as scratching or rustling
    • Droppings around your property
    • Food remains, such as fruit cores or nut shells
    • Footprints in the mud or dust
    • A strong, musky odor

    Q. Why is it important to remove possums from my home?
    Ans. Possums can cause damage to your home, spread diseases, attract other pests, and be a nuisance with their noise and odor.

    Q. How much does it cost to remove possums from my home?
    Ans. The cost of possum removal will vary depending on the size of your property, the severity of the infestation, and the methods used by the removal company. However, you can expect to pay between $150 and $300 for a basic possum removal service.

    Q. What are the different methods of possum removal?
    Ans. The most common methods of possum removal are trapping and exclusion. Trapping involves placing humane traps in areas where possums are known to frequent and then releasing them into a suitable habitat. Exclusion involves identifying and sealing off all of the entry points that possums are using to access your home.

    Q. Is it safe to remove possums myself?
    Ans. No, it is not recommended to remove possums yourself. Possums can be aggressive and carry diseases. It is best to hire a professional possum removal company to remove possums from your home safely and effectively.

    Q. Are there any natural ways to get rid of possums?
    Ans. There are a few natural ways to deter possums from your property, such as removing food sources, sealing off entry points, and using natural repellents such as peppermint oil or citronella oil. However, these methods are not always effective, and they may not be enough to get rid of possums that have already infested your home.

    Q. Are there any government regulations on possum removal in Lawnton?
    Ans. Yes, there are government regulations on possum removal in Lawnton. It is illegal to kill or injure possums without a permit. You must also hire a licensed possum removal company to remove possums from your home.

    Q. What should I do if I find a sick or injured possum?
    Ans. If you find a sick or injured possum, you should contact a wildlife rehabilitator. Wildlife rehabilitators are trained to care for sick and injured animals, and they will release the possum back into the wild once it has recovered.