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Have serious pest infestation issues? Contact Magic Pest Control for the best pest control services in Beechmont. We are a reputed pest control company offering a wide range of pest control services in one place. Whether you are dealing with rodents, cockroaches, termites, ants, wasps or possums, we have a solution for all your pest control needs!

Our pest control approach is 100% safe, effective and quick. We value your time and hence offer quick services in Beechmont and nearby areas. Trust our professionals who are well-trained and licensed for the job. Our eco-friendly products and innovative approaches make us the most reliable Beechmont pest control service provider!

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    Various Risks Associated with Pest Infestation

    Various risks are associated with pest infestation issues and a few are mentioned below:

    Health Problems:

    Pests are infamous for carrying deadly germs and viruses as they travel through the filthiest places like drains, pipelines, gutters and so on. Diseases like the plague, malaria, salmonella and so on are caused by pests. Therefore, you should consider availing of professional pest control services Beechmont.

    Property Damage:

    Pests can damage the foundation of your property along with the valuables inside. Termites, rodents, ants and cockroaches are among the few most destructive pests. That’s why you should never ignore the signs of pest infestation.

    Economic costs of infestations:

    Damages done by pests can either be repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, either way, you need to spend a fortune in getting your property restored. Furthermore, every year pests cause property damages worth millions of dollars, therefore, you should avail of annual pest inspection and treatment services from your reliable pest control company!

    Prevention Tips For Avoiding Infestations

    • Avoid leaving dirty dishes overnight as it attracts cockroaches. Wipe the tables and countertops in the kitchen every night.
    • Throw out the garbage every day.
    • Deep clean the pantry and cabinets in the kitchen once every 2-3 months.
    • De-clutter the basement and attics regularly.
    • Trim vegetation and extended tree branches.
    • Install flyers for preventing pest invasion.
    • Get your property pest controlled at least twice or thrice a year.

    Why Should You Choose Magic Pest Control Beechmont?

    There are plenty of reasons why you should choose the best Pest Control Beechmont company:

    • We have over 10 years of industry experience.
    • A local business with a loyal customer base.
    • Green chemicals and modern tools for pest control.
    • Trained staff who are licensed and certified.
    • Economical rates without any hidden charges.
    • Quick, effective and reliable pest control services.
    • Emergency and same day pest control options.
    • 24×7 and all-year-long availability

    Quick, Safe And Effective Pest Control Service In Beechmont

    Pest infestation is a serious problem that must be eliminated as quickly as possible. The presence of pests doesn’t just lead to property damage but they also impose health risks. Magic Pest Control understands your concern and hence offer quick, safe and effective pest control solution across Beechmont and its nearby areas.

    We are the most renowned Beechmont pest control company! Our experts are well-trained and have the know-how of handling different pest situations quickly and effectively. We offer the most affordable pest control services in Beechmont, so reach out to us for making a quick booking!

    Pest Control Beechmont

    How Can We Make Your Beechmont Property Pest-Free?

    • We offer prompt services for pest control in Beechmont and hence arrive within just a few hours of making a booking.
    • Our experts undergo routine training and are highly skilled and experienced for the job.
    • Your safety is our major concern and hence we use environmentally sustainable products for pest eradication.
    • Our experts use safety gear before attempting pest removal for preventing accidents and injuries.
    • We also offer effective preventive tips for keeping your property pest-free and safe.

    Our detailed method for pest control at Beechmont

    Thorough Pest Inspection

    Thorough Pest Inspection

    Our team arrive at your location on time and is well-equipped. We carefully examine the property and identify pest locations before finalizing the action plan. We provide necessary instructions to the residents of the building.


    Customised Pest Solution

    For eliminating pests from your property we use fumigation, chemical sprays, baits or traps. We target strategic areas and provide customized pest control services. Additionally, we also use eco-friendly chemicals for the safety of your family and loved ones.



    We believe in delivering 100% satisfactory results and hence revisit your location for a final inspection. While some treatments require a single visit a few need multiple visits. Our experts provide all the necessary information beforehand!

    Residential Pest Control For Homeowners In Beechmont

    Handling pest infestation issues at home is a tough job. Most DIY hacks work for minor infestations and hence pests keep recurring. For this reason, we provide all homeowners in Beechmont with specialized residential pest control services. Our top priority is making sure that your family, pets, and belongings are all safe.

    Residential clients in Beechmont can get benefitted from our services available at Magic Pest Control. Upon making a booking, our team arrives at your property to do a thorough inspection of the pest situation. We offer the most affordable residential pest control services in Beechmont, so feel free to contact us and make a quick booking!

    Commercial Pest Control Services In Beechmont

    Pests at your office, warehouses, plants and commercial space can take away your reputation. Furthermore, the presence of pests in a commercial space indicates a lack of maintenance and hygiene which can impact your business. That is why availing of commercial pest control services is important.

    Magic Pest Control offers reliable and effective commercial pest control solutions across Beechmont. We understand that building a great reputation takes time and hence we offer unbeatable pest control solutions to our commercial clients at the most affordable rates. With our pest management services you can you’re your property pest-free and safe!

    What Pest Control Solutions Do We Offer In Beechmont?

    Possum Removal

    Possums are a protected species in Australia, therefore we recommend hiring experts for possum control. Handling possums at home can land you in a legal pool which can be avoided by letting professionals take charge. The specialists have a better know-how of removing live possums and preventing them from infesting your property again.

    Bed bugs control

    Bedbugs bothering your sleep? Now you can get rid of bed bugs very easily, all you need to do is give us a call! Bed bugs often hide in your mattress thus it’s hard to see them and remove them. Our experts will help you get rid of them.

    Wasp Control

    Having wasps nest around your property can make your outdoor time stressful. These pests can sting you when feeling threatened, which is why you should avoid taking the matters into your hands. Consider hiring wasp removal experts from Magic Pest Control and let the professionals do the challenging task for you.

    Dead Animal Removal

    The sight of a dead animal inside your property can be disturbing. It is important to dispose of the carcass as soon as possible as the foul odour gets worse with time. Hire professionals for dead animal control and get instant relief from the eyesore. Let the experts take care of the carcass and clean up your surroundings.

    Bee Removal

    Our bee control professionals are specially trained for the job. Handling bees is not an easy task as there is a risk of being stung. Furthermore, relocating a beehive to a safe space requires skills and knowledge, which is why you should consider hiring experts for the job. Contact us for a quick and safe bee removal service in Beechmont.

    Rodents treatment

    Rodents are a nuisance. They can easily chew away wires, clothes, food, books and everything they find in their way. Being a sneaky pest it is difficult to remove them quickly. Here, consulting professionals for rodent control is the best way of getting permanent relief from these annoying pests.

    What Areas Do We Conduct Pest Inspections In Beechmont?

    • Apartments and societies

    • Shopping centres

    • Schools and universities

    • Offices and retail stores

    • Healthcare units and clinics

    • Hotels and motels

    • Childcare and elderly care centres

    • Restaurants and bars

    • Warehouses and plants

    Emergency Pest Services For Pest Control In Beechmont

    Pests are capable of causing serious damage within a short span. Magic Pest Control understands how quickly pests can damage your valuables and hence offer emergency pest control services. Just give us a call and our experts will reach your location within a few hours. Get quick relief from annoying pests and keep your property safe!

    FAQs on Magic Pest Control:

    Q. How costly is pest control service in Beechmont?
    We offer the most affordable pest control services at Magic Pest Control in Beechmont. The cost of different pest control services varies based on the type of pest, degree of the infestation, the damage is done, treatment method, length of the treatment and so on. Our experts provide an estimate based on your needs, so give us a call today!

    Q. Do you offer same day pest control in Beechmont?
    Yes! We offer same day and emergency pest control services across Beechmont to both residential and commercial clients. Our team reaches your location within a few hours of making a booking! So, contact Magic Pest Control and get more details about our services!

    Q. Can I schedule an appointment on weekends?
    Yes. We provide pest control services on weekends and holidays upon request. Feel free to schedule an appointment as per your availability. Talk to our executive for more information.

    Q. How safe are your pest control chemicals?
    We use eco-friendly chemicals for pest control and prevention, as we prioritize the safety of our customers. There are no harmful effects of the pesticides we use. Furthermore, all our pest eradication techniques are safe and environmentally friendly.

    Q. Can your team handle commercial pest treatment?
    Yes. Our team consists of experts who are well-trained and licensed for offering exceptional pest control services to our commercial clients. Our courteous staff takes complete care of your pest control needs!